1. Curl Your Toes

From the recording Domestic Violins (Mixes)



Have you ever been hit upside the head in a manner so unexpected?
And can the writing as easily be read by a heart that is unprotected?

Watch out!
What’s that?
Could it really be?
Now, take it easy, boy – slow down!
Knocked down
Out cold!
I can hardly wait to see if she’s still here when I come around

How could I have anticipated the blaze this moment would create?
I have waited so long, my dear, but it would appear the moment has come too late

Dive in!
Back off!
What the hell has happened?
What has happened is, you’ve lost your mind!
I’m in love!
No, no! Don’t say it!
But the love I’m in didn’t come in time

Well, you say you’ve got what you want, babe
What you want
And you’re the only one who knows
What you need
Yeah, he treats you alright
And keeps you warm at night
But, baby, does he curl your toes?

Did you really get what you wanted or settle for what you need?
I don’t mean to sound bitter, baby, but when I get cut I have been known to bleed

Stand up!
Sit down!
Oh, my aching heart!
You’d best forget about her if you can
It’s so right!
Dead wrong!
I cannot deny it, but the lady’s tied to another man

© 1990 Robert M. Shaffer