1. The Right One

From the recording Domestic Violins (Mixes)



While you’re at work, in the car, at the store, in a bar,
the sensors scan for the spark of attraction
But every “bogey” on the screen ends up the same
A brief flare-up with a quick burn-out!
Finding one that might pass the test is a gamble, at best,
But all the same, I want in on the action
Sometimes I think I should give up and pack it in
Just stop trying, ‘cause it’s so trying!
But then I convince myself this next hand just might win
You can’t stop it, you can’t stop…

The search for love and all you know it could be
If you could find that “someone” who filled the void completely
Someone who’s more than friend and more than just a lover
If there’s a “perfect other” for each of us
They shouldn’t make it so hard to find the right one!

I’m not a big fan of pain, but my Memory Lane
Is strewn with too many heartaches to mention –
Each bloom of romance doomed, too soon, to wilt and fade
You keep hopin’ – keep your eyes open
Could this be a love that is true or just “something to do”
Until a new flame has captured attention?
It gets so old, this endless wading through the “lame”
You need someone with a clue – what to do?
But you can never win if you’re not in the game
So don’t stop it, don’t you stop…


Well, you can like many, love some and live with a few
But finding all three in one is the problem
Further complicated by the “three-to-twelve month” rule
Good behavior doesn’t make savior
Then you have the “make-over” crowd madly flailing away
To change themselves, or the Chosen, to suit them
The real deal is found, not forced, more luck than fate (male & female voices in unison)
If you score it, better care for it
And you can never know the wrong from right ‘til it’s too late
May good fortune shine upon…


© 2000 Robert M. Shaffer